Non - religious people are just as good as religious people

A Ugandan atheist opens a school founded on his beliefs, causing conflict in his small, religious community.  



Better Sundays follows Robert Bwambale, a Ugandan atheist determined to run a school founded on his beliefs.

The first branch of his school, the Kasese Primary Humanist School opened in a small religious community in South Western Uganda seven years ago. He continues to add more structures to the school while fighting beliefs within the community that Humanism -  the belief that human beings are solely responsible for their own progress, not a divine, unseen power – is actually code word for the illuminati and devil worship.

However, Robert believes that science rather than prayer will transform his struggling community and continues to make the school structure bigger. His teachings have resulted in a small following of Humanist teachers, students and parents. But, most of his classrooms remain empty. Robert also faces alienation within his own family and community majority of who are all religious.

Better Sundays explores Robert's struggle to stand by his beliefs or give them up in order to gain acceptance.