The Film & Laundry Company is a young, dynamic indie film studio. We are committed to telling unique, character driven stories with a focus on diverse issues. 

Our projects include Utapata Mwingine (You Will Get Another One), a short documentary that had its online premier via the Sema Story Virtual Festival in August, 2020. The project is a One World Media Fellow and was listed as one of the Roy Dean Grant's Hot Films in the Making, during production in 2018. Our other short doc, Better Sundays has received lab and development support from both Docubox (EADFF) and The Hot Docs Blue Ice - Documentary Fund. It was also an official selection of the Durban Filmmart at the 2017 Durban International Film Festival. Our fictional films include Millet, which won the Shorts, Shorts & Shots screenwriting competition, and Sungura (Rabbit), a finalist of the Interfilm Festival Script Pitch Competition and the Screencraft Short Film Grant.


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